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Lipo Nit Eye Spray Sensitive for improved moistening
dry, watery, irritated eyes and for the care of the eye area

  • easy to use
  • with all contact lenses 
  • with dexpanthenol

LipoNit eye spray sensitive

VAT Included |
  • Lipo Nit Eye Spray Sensitive, like Lipo Nit Eye Spray, is used to improve the moistening of the eyes and eyelids. Lipo Nit Eye Spray Sensitive also stabilizes the protective lipid layer of the tear film and additionally contains dexpanthenol for supplementary care and moisturization of the eye area as a preventive protection of the skin.

    To be used with disorders of the eyes such as dry and watery eyes, itching, burning sensation and foreign body sensation.

    • More practical than drops - Convenient handling, simply spray onto the closed eye
    • With dexpanthenol
    • Increases the wearing comfort of contact lenses
    • Can be used for 6 months after first use
    • Clinically tested
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