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Nicol rösler, Optiker, Sportbrillenexperte, Vom sehtest bis zur perfekten Brille

We look forward to you!

Thank you for registering for a desired date. We will contact you as soon as possible and confirm your appointment. You can already look forward to your experience at sehblick today. 

Independent eyewear

Special glasses with a special origin. We maintain a close relationship with our suppliers and have often known them for years. 


We won't reveal that here and now, of course :-) Let yourself be inspired - each and every one of them is something special to us. You too!

feel good

The smell of freshly ground coffee, the fluffy pink armchair and a lively conversation about your wishes in our living room - that helps us to advise you optimally.

latest technology

With our partner Zeiss, we have the latest generation of measurement technology in-house that you can only wish for. Have you ever seen a 3D avatar of your head? Have you ever changed glasses virtually and seen what is possible? 

Heart and soul

Because we love what we do. It makes us happy when we can make you happy. We make the selection of glasses an experience entirely individually and with a lot of specialist knowledge.


Looking for a parking space, no change for the parking meter, it's raining ... with us you can park right in front of the door - if you come by car. If you come by bike, you can take your "best friend" with you into our living room. Honor where honor is due.

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