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Lipo Nit eyelid care  for relief
of eyelid inflammation and for daily eyelid care

  • without surfactants
  • for everyday use
  • promotes the natural healing process

Lipo Nit eyelid care

VAT Included |
  • For daily care and cleaning of the eyelid rims, we offer the following products from the Lipo Nit eyelid care series:

    Lipo Nit®  Eyelid care
    liposomal suspension

    Contents: 70 ml
    Lipo Nit Lid Care is a medical product. Instructions for use, doctor or optometrist provide information about the effects and possible undesirable effects.

    Lipo Nit Lidpflege liposomal suspension is used for the relief and accompanying treatment of eyelid irritation as well as for daily eyelid care and eyelid hygiene. Lipo Nit Lid Care liposomal suspension supports and promotes the natural healing process in cases of inflammation and irritation of the eyelid margins.

    • Without surfactants, very good compatibility
    • For everyday use
    • Promotes the natural healing process
    • In clinical studies, a significant reduction in inflammation of the eyelid margin was observed
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